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Meet Ken Greves


Ken Greves is a passionate interpreter of the Great American Songbook and a specialist in the music of Harold Arlen.


Photo_thmb“Arlen’s music resonates profoundly with my musical sensibilities,” says Ken. “Arlen considered himself a jazz composer and wanted to be a vocalist himself. He was unique in that he was unafraid to break out of the standard 32-bar form.”


Another important influence on Ken was the voice of Judy Garland.

“My fascination with Garland was her uncanny ability to musically shape a song while acting and telling a story. She demonstrated that a song has a beginning, middle and end.”


Ken grew up in Nassau County, on the south shore of Long Island, NY. Neither of his parents were musicians, but they noted early on their son’s fascination with music, theater, and dance.


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Read Ken’s musings on quality and tenacity in jazz and other sounds from the Great American Songbook at his Jazz Cat Blog, get LinkedIn, and become a friend at facebook and myspace.


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